In October 2015, Benedikt’s birthday gift from Magda was the biography of Elon Musk. The ball started rolling.

In the summer of 2016, a rented Tesla took us through Italy, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. Both our hypotheses (“A Tesla can easily be turned into a two-person sleeping camp.” & “Travelling electrically allows you to experience a country at least the same, if not better.”) came out 100% positive.

After many nights crunching numbers and rationalizing the pending acquistion, we added our first family member: A previously owned Tesla Model S 85 (the 85 stands for 85 kWh) in September 2016.

While the plan to drive the car to somewhere far away (back then we were fantasizing about Peking) has been with us from the start, we had not expected to embark on this journey this early. As life goes, both our former work colleagues now find themselves deserted by us, with Magda having worked as a consultant and Benedikt having dealt with startup financing rounds over the last three years (check out and — they might be looking for a replacement).

Since the beginning of 2017 (a particularly short time span for a trip like this), Benedikt and Magda have been (more or less full-time) planning a trip heading towards Iran, then north via the -stans to Russia, and back via the Baltic countries. This web page shall be an account of both success and failure, as well as the countless encounters, during our journey. Take a seat in the rear, hit follow on your favorite social media site and come with us!