The time in between – waiting for our passports

An athlete that prepared well for his race and is ready now for his run wants nothing more than to finally take off and show that all his training and his hard work, pay off. Not only does an athlete want that but also Benedikt and I just want to finally start our journey. I am not sure how many grey hairs embassies let me grow. A few at least… Due to the Persian New Year ( around March 20th, our application for the Iranian Visa postponed itself a few days. Getting the Iranian visa could be the content of a whole other post. It was so far, the most bureaucratic, lengthy and expensive visa process I went through. Making it short, it included 3 visits at the embassy and not even at the last visit we could leave our visa documents there. At the Iranian Embassy in Switzerland, every visa applicant needs to get official fingerprints, costing each CHF60, at the local jail. According to the jail officer, Iran has this ruling, because Switzerland asks for fingerprint of any Iranian applicant for a Swiss visa as well. I guess that can make sense…

Anyways, we are hoping that the mail brings us our passports including the Iranian visa tomorrow. We would then send them including all other documents to the Uzbek Embassy in Vienna, where we can, hopefully, pick them up including one more visa, 3 days later.

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