Charging in Gijan, Kosovo

Charging in Kosovo was a super easy task. Our host Bekim booked a hotel for us and already asked them to provide us with a three-phase outlet. We again used our three-phase plug from Montenegro. Our stay in Giljan extended itself to 4 days and it was never a problem to park the car right in front of the entrance, where the outlet was.

After a few days, we found out that a bank in Giljan downtown also offered a charging spot. Unfortunately, only one phase. The bank seems to have an EV and for that car the one phase is probably enough. Still, we were surprised to see something like this in Kosovo – one of many positive surprises in that country!

Click here for the biggest of those surprises.

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    Please update your typo, it should be few and not view. Like in “For A Few Dollars More”.

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