Charging in Poznan

It would take over 135 days in our journey for me (Benedikt) to travel a couple of hundred kilometers on my own! Magda had travelled to Munich by plane to attend a friend’s celebration, so I was on my own.

After a very enjoyable lunch with an old sdw friend in Warsaw, I headed towards Poznan. Poznan, as the last stop before our journey would end, presented another major milestone: We were entering supercharger land again! Poznan supercharger is nicely located right next to a number of restaurants and parks.

Curiously enough, the charging rate peaked at 120 kW for a split second (at 8% state-of-charge, SoC), and holding 119 kW for half a minute or so. That’s a rate we’ve never observed at any other SuC. My best guess is that the 60 minutes of cooling down for the car at our airbnb place was helping a lot. We’ll have to observe that.

I only discovered Poznan for a couple of hours and spent most of my time in the airbnb — I wasn’t feeling spectacularly well and needed some rest after the great time in Warsaw.

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