Charging in Split, Croatia

A deserted supercharger in Split was our last supercharger for the upcoming 3 months. We were enjoying the sun in front of the hotel that is right behind the supercharger. It felt strange leaving the security and easiness of the Tesla Supercharger. From now on, every single charging will be a challenge. Sometimes easier to solve, sometimes harder.

We left the supercharger area with 100% in our car. This would bring us until Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina. That evening, we would make it only to Mostar though.

Charging in Senj – Croatia

Maybe the supercharger in Senj is one of the nicest supercharger that exist. After descending from the highway for about 30 minutes in serpentines the little town of Senj offers right at the little city harbor and next to the Mediterranean Sea it’s Supercharger. We used our stop in Senj to have a little lunch break at the beach and to watch to para-gliders descend to the harbor-parking lot.