Charging in Samsun, Turkey

After having two super relaxing nights in the Ilgaz Mountain Resort, we had to keep on going. With a battery charged at 100%, we left the hotel parking garage and started heading south-east towards the black sea. The plan was to make a road day, drive 300km until Samsun. Samsun is an industrial city and little to offer, even for only a stay overnight. Therefore, the plan was to continue later the day, after charging, to Ordu, a city about 150km east of Samsun.

From plugshare we knew that there should be a Renault car shop in Ordu, providing a Type 2 wall box. The car shop was easy to find and we were happy leaving the car after a 4-hour drive. A girl in the car shop showed us how to turn the wall box on (turn fuse on the box on). We plugged in and the Tesla started charging at 22kW. Plug and Play. That’s how we love it!

Benedikt and I used the charging break for a little stroll around the industrial quarter of Samsun. It is not particularly nice, but since the city is right at the black sea, we had a chance to just relax a bit watching the waves and the (dirty) water.

After about 1.5 hours we returned to a nicely charging car, even though in the end one phase broke away (again). We guess that this is more or less normal and left Samsun with about 90% fully charged.