Charging in Warsaw, Poland

Last stop – Warsaw

A friend, for whom I will be the maid of honor at her wedding in October, planned to have her bachelorette party during the last weekend of August. I am no fan of these kind of events, but still, I bought a flight ticket and left Warsaw on August 25th to Munich. Benedikt and I enjoyed the last day of our epic journey in Warsaw the day before. Both of us can hardly cope with the fact that it is over now. No searching for electricity anymore, no continues travelling, no new input every day. Instead, more and more a “normal” life will start again.

Charging in Warsaw

We were in Warsaw last June. The first public charging station where we tried to charge last year, didn’t work. But exactly this charging station was only a few meters down from the airbnb that hosted us during our days in Warsaw this year. Benedikt didn’t forget to take the RFID-card (Galactico) for this particular charging network in Poland with us on our journey. Unlike the year before the charging station worked and we could very comfortably charge almost right before our apartment. I really appreciate this convenience and sometimes still wonder how easy everything is and seems here in Europe.

outlet/socket Volt Ampere kW kWh
Typ-2  220 volt  3 * 32 amperes 22 kW 60 kWh

Charging in Augustow, Poland

Journey almost over

If you enjoyed a whole week with your best friends around you, there’s an emptiness when they’re not around you anymore. I really needed to calm down and realize that our journey will be over very soon. The place where we tried to calm down was in the polish countryside – surrounded by woods and lakes.

Finally mobile data connection in the car

We bothered Tesla since we entered the European Union about the fact that the internet in our Tesla didn’t work. Our Tesla was supposed to have a SIM card that was valid in the entire EU (and, as we found out, also in Turkey – see this post). But it just didn’t catch any reception in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As soon as we approached the Polish border, there it was! We finally were online again! Navigating via Tesla, usage of the browser, listening to music through spotify – all of these nice (but actually not necessary things) were possible again. We were excited :-).


The hotel that we stayed at in Augustow offered us a Schuko-outlet to charge the car. We approximately charged 30 kWh during our stay there. Enough, so that we would easily reach Warsaw the next day and would have some reserve energy left in the battery.

outlet/socket Volt Ampere kW kWh
Schuko  220 volt  1 * 10 amperes 2 kW 30 kWh