Charging in Vishovgrad, Bulgaria

Our friends Julia and Miroslav live in an old house from the 1930s in a tiny village named Vishovgrad. The old workshop, equipped with a few old, soviet-styled, wood making machines, has three-phase electricity. The outlets looked old and different, but they had electricity on all three phases. We did not have the right adapter for this kind of outlet. Benedikt opened the socket and manually put the different phases together with one of our “open-adapters”.
As you can find it often outside western Europe, the outlet did not have a protective conductor there is only three phases and the earth conductor). We had in Albania problems charging with an outlet like that (check this post). This time in Vishovgrad, Benedikt had time to try out some more combinations of different phases. He removed the 5th conductor from the extension cable and the adapter. That way the NRGkick and the car accepted the 11kW electricity and the car nicely charged overnight.
We had plenty of electricity to return two days later to Sofia. We found out in Sofia, that the Lenovo repair shop was not able to get a new motherboard for our laptop in time (and it would actually take 2 more weeks till it would be in Sofia). We charged one more time in the city center (check out this post) and left with a car at 100% charged to Plovdiv, a city south-west of Sofia.