Charging in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is a colorful city where it is fun to stay for a few days. We were lucky to find a nice Airbnb where it almost felt like home, being in Tbilisi. By chance we were in Georgia’s capital while there was a documentary film festival happening. Benedikt and I share with Nici an interest in good movies and film festivals. We enjoyed spending two very different evenings with great films and interesting discussions with the festival crowd of Tbilisi.

 Tbilisi felt very European to us. We enjoyed having the spirit of creativity, enthusiasm and young energy that was present in the city. It is not surprising that Tbilisi also offers a few charging stations (even though we did not see any other Electric Vehicle). We charged at one that was located at the central Europe Square. The 22kW charged our car to 90% while we were doing a free walking tour.

Looking back, Benedikt and I both thought, everything would be a bit more complicated than it actually was, at this point of the journey. Let’s see how our trip will continue and at what time the real tough challenges are starting (to be honest, the snow in Montenegro and the broken laptop were already good challenges).

2 thoughts on “Charging in Tbilisi, Georgia

  1. I’m fun of EVs from Tbilisi and i’m so happy to see you (and like you) traveling thru Georgia and exploring my country, here EVs are new ones and because of this they are few but we have incentives for EVs and i expect green future.

    1. We LOVED being in Georgia! The infrastructure for EVs is slowly growing and this is such an important start.

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