Charging in Gilan, Iran


Some hotels or guest houses seem like treasures that one is just happy to have found them. Gileboom on the coast of the Caspian Sea is one of them. A traditional house of the area in a beautiful yard is the guest house of Mahin and her family. Every second that we spend there, we just felt like being guests. Not ever before did we get better cared for.

Mahin managed that we could charge the Tesla at a neighbor’s construction side.

We spend an evening with wonderful food, great conversations (we enjoyed the company of three other travelers, as well as of Mahin’s family) and much laughter. The next morning, we postponed leaving further and further. Being at a nice place where you almost feel like home, is so precious.

Our host family poured water behind us, when we left. That is an Iranian custom to wish travelers a safe travel. What a need custom!

A night in the mountains

We drove about 3 hours to park the Tesla at the highest point between the Caspian Sea and Teheran. No one else was at the mountain pass at 3000 meters elevation. We enjoyed a quite evening. The following day we passed the Iranian skiing resorts, Dizin, that is with lifts up to 3600 meters altitude among the world’s 40 highest skiing resorts.

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2 thoughts on “Charging in Gilan, Iran

  1. I wish you guys found “the hospitality of Iranians that everyone told you before.” in that Gilan trip.

    I hope people of my country prove that they are still good no matter what happens.

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